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Our Corporation was born from the love of Swarovski Crystal, that started by buying collections in their entirety, in order to obtain the retired piece that I wanted to add to my personal collection.  This left many duplicate pieces just being stored for a rainy day.

My wife became seriously Ill and to aid with the financial burden of the medical bills and high copay that my income as a truck driver could not sustain, I began selling these duplicates on a popular platform and am proud to say that I was the first to sell retired Swarovski Crystal Figurines and Ornaments on Amazon. Along the way meeting so many passionate collectors who are still buying from us today.

As time went by, we saw the need to expanding to other Antiques and Collectables Products and Services.  As we are of a certain age, where we are seeing the passing of our beloved elders, as well as our extended family and friends.  We saw how It is tearing families apart unnecessarily.  We stepped in and added Estate Sales and Services to solve these issues and hopefully preserving and saving family units Nationwide.  

Today, has been over 10 years since now on every secondary selling platforms and Now due to the increasing Platform selling fee's, we have created this website to continue to offer reasonable prices and online auctions.  

As my wife says Utilizing my OCD and productively putting it to work.  Each piece is lovingly inspected for authentication and quality for the most discerning collectors in all areas of Antiques and Collectables.

We pride ourselves on selling with integrity as each piece in the pictures is exactly the piece you will receive. The Condition of Each piece is used and come from the secondary market but are Mint in box Like new condition unless highlighted condition report in blue ink on the title line.   (like this)

Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions, comments and concerns you may have.  Share, Like, Subscribe today as we are a family and a community.  We look forward to hearing from you by phone and text 716-692-5947 and thank you.

Dennis Main

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