Estate Sales

Treasure Brokers - Was Founded because we saw the need for Transparency in the markets Nationwide.  

WE saw the need for Honest estate sale companies become more and more apparent. 

Estate sale companies, past and present, do not give you an inventory report of personal property. 

Estate sale companies - Nationwide, don't tell you what items you have or what they are worth.  In some instances, they either set the price to high so it doesn't sell and the ownership of the personal property is then through the contract are transferred to the Company.  Or they sell it so low to cohort who comes and buys it and they split the profit. Estate Sale Companies are out to make a profit from your personal loss and take advantage of your vulnerability.  

Do not sign any contracts until you call us 716-692-5847.

One phone call will save you money with no obligation.  

Estate Sale Companies are stealing from you, and you don't know it. 

Executors of an estate are being misled because they were not dealers of antiquities, so they did not know that they were giving money away in personal property.  

Also, conflict amongst Heirs over a deceased loved one's possessions that are tearing families apart.  Don't let this happen to you.

We offer solutions to problems putting the entire contents of an estate online, so the heirs bid right along with the general population worldwide, obtaining the highest dollar value for the estate.  If the person who wins the auction is an heir, then the $$ are taken out of their share of their Share of the inheritance.  This allows a catalog of the personal property for all to see thus eliminating the family conflicts and hopefully preserving families.

Estate Sales & Services offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to handle all of your needs. 

We have partnered with our clients and vendors from start to finish ensuring you get the most solutions for the heirs.  With Personal Property, Real Estate, Estates, Downsizing, Moving, Divorce, and all Other Life Transitions. 

We do it all with one call.  Contact us to learn more.  716-692-5847

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