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Puffer BlowFish 010013 Large 7644 NR 41

Puffer BlowFish 010013 Large 7644 NR 41

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Swarovski code numbers: 010 013 / 010013 / 7644 041 000

This retired Swarovski crystal Blowfish is the largest sized fish of the 3 blowfish produced by Swarovski. The 2 other sizes of blowfish are mini and small. The family group of blowfish all belong to the “South Sea” theme. The body of the blowfish consists of clear facetted crystal with frosted crystal used for the tail, fins, mouth, and around the outside of the black crystal eye.

Size: 3″ (76mm) long
Designer: Team
Introduced: 1984
Retired: 1991

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