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Birds HOOPOE Figurine on frosted branch, 925080

Birds HOOPOE Figurine on frosted branch, 925080

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Swarovski pair colorful HOOPOE birds perched on frosted branch, mib complete w shipping

Swarovski code numbers: 925 080 / 925080 / 9100 000 102

These retired Swarovski crystal Hoopoes were part of the “Feathered Beauties” collection. Hoopoes are funny, colourful birds known for their distinctive crown of feathers. These two fully faceted clear crystal hoopoes have Black Diamond crystal beaks. Their crown is in Medium Topaz crystal and the tails are in Jet and clear crystal. They are perched on an unfaceted clear crystal branch base.

Size: 8.3 x 9.9 cm
Designer: Elisabeth Adamer
Introduced: 2008
Retired: 2012

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